siilipidu / hedgehog party

Year: 2023
Location: Krulli factory, Tallinn, Estonia
Type: event design
Status: built
Team: Eneli Kleemann, Saskia Epp Lõhmus, Mia Martina Peil, Marie Anette Veesaar, Anna Riin Velner, Lill Volmer

Spatial concept, design and reuse-based execution for one of the most colourful and meticulously produced events on the Estonian nightlife scene.

‘Hedgehog Party’ revolves around the mutant vehicle ‘Travelling Hedgehog’ that has participated in Burning Man. This time, the party took place in Krulli factory’s repair hangar, with the theme ‘Spaces’.

The Space Station area, designed by stuudio kollektiiv, enabled to travel between various universes through a series of space gates.

Behind each gate, one could encounter both new and familiar faces in their own cosmic bubbles. The pink space gate led to a pink costume bus with energetic house music. The black gate led to a techno bunker filled with heavier techno music.

A variety of stages, bars and hangout spots with sofas were also designed to bring warmth into the cold factory premises.