täna-vr-uum / a vr exhibition

What would the streets of Tallinn look like if car traffic was no longer a priority?

Cover by Eneli Kleemann
Photo by Mari Möldre

All city dwellers use urban space in one way or another. However, we still see top-down planning trends that make the city car-centric. Politicians, architects and citizens are increasingly speaking out on the urban planning issues. Even though the topic is becoming more popular, the changes in the infrastructure are not there.

Photos by Mari Möldre

The exhibition showcased projects made by the architecture and urban planning students of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Through virtual reality, city users could familiarize themselves with conceptual solutions of the intersections from Tallinn city centre, which follow the planning principles of progressive European cities.

Pages from the exhibition booklet

The showcased projects were created under the guidance of Estonian architects and urban planners Raul Kalvo, Tõnis Savi, Marek Rannala – authors of ‘Tallinn Bicycle Strategy 2018-2028’. The VR Lab belonging to the Estonian Academy of Arts provided technical support for the projects to be presented in a virtual reality setting.

Exhibition opening at Garaaž 49. Photo by Mari Möldre